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Department of Physics


About the Department:
The Department of Physics was established in 2022 to impart teaching and learning process to young students . The department offers three year undergraduate course. The main courses taught in different semesters are Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Modern Physics(Quantum mechanics, solid state physics, electronics devices etc) and some Skill Enhancement Courses such as Renewable energy and its harvesting, Electric circuit and Network skills. Presently there is only one permanent faculty member serving the department . During the session 2022 seven students taken admission in UG 1st Sem.

Vision and Mission

1.The Department of Physics is to develop the strength of students and guiding them towards the scientific excellence.

2. To become a centre of excellence in both Theoretical and experimental Physics.

1.To awaken the students and discover their talents in both experimental and theoretical Physics.
2.To develop the scientific temperament among the students

Subject Combinations

Corse code

Core Subject and SEC


Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Corse code

Core Subject and SEC


Mathematics, Geology, Physics

Faculty Members

Mumtaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor, Physics


Latest Notifications

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