Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry department has been established in Government Degree College Drass in 2021 for the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc).For the first time admission in B.Sc, there was enrolled 46 student, it’s enough and positivity of student towards the field of chemistry and science for a college at the opening stage and Drass college runs successfully with these much numbers of student for bachelor degree of science.

We believe the chemistry department is going to help and bring out every aspect of necessities without being shortfall in future. A chemist can change the way of life to the people through the resources of chemicals.

Briefing on chemistry

Chemistry is a science subject where

Science literally means ” to know” although Science is based on the practical. With the advance of science these days everywhere, everybody is looking to do practical work and be aware about things with reality.

Since Chemistry is a part of science it has a big role of its own in science to get aware about many things through its own experimental procedures. Chemistry is to study “the properties, composition and structure of the substances and transformation that they undergo” . The most important fun to learn about Chemistry is that we can understand that “everything in the universe is irreversible” or ” nothing is permanent” because change is due according to chemistry.

Visions of Department

To build the foundation for excellence and development of the institution by igniting and nurturing, passion and interest of students in the field of chemistry as a professional task with the activities or curriculum of college.

Mission and Goals of department

# to awaken the young mind and discover the talents of both theory and practical chemistry by dedication to teaching and innovate the instructional method to students.

# to support the development activities of college and make the department vibrant.

# to impart quality education and achieve academic excellence through planning, experiments, inspiration and effective teaching.

# to innovate new methods of study for students by tools and technical assistance.

# to encourage and guide the higher secondary school Students and enable them transform into an efficient professional skill with knowledge, ability and right attitude.

# courses of Chemistry

B.Sc students with chemistry as part of the subject and B.Sc honours in chemistry can do further courses like ( M.Sc in chemistry and stand for competitive exams like GATE ). After the master degree with proper grade, you will be eligible for SET, NET/JRF, M.Phil, and Ph.D.

# job placement for chemist

Career opportunities in Teacher, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Scientist, UPSC, DRDO, Industries, Laboratories, Geochemist, pharmacologist, Hazardous waste scientist, toxicologist and Forensic Science Lab.


With Regard

Mr Jigmat Stanzin

Lecturer in chemistry

Qualification :- Master in chemistry, NET/JRF and GATE.