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The broad aim of tourism subject offers under B.A. / B.Com. is to impart proficient education and training in different aspects of tourism industry at the under graduate level and provide them with opportunities to develop skills needed to join the tourism industry. The several aims of the department are follows:
To empower the students with acquaintance and applications of Tourism and Travel concepts.
To provide responsiveness concerning economic, social and cultural conditions of various tourist places of Ladakh and the need to develop them as a self- reliant economic resource.
To develop the budding among students for higher education, research and career placement.
To create a robust and sustainable eco-system for skill development in the tourism industry.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the department is to shape young minded socially conscientious citizen by fostering social ethics; providing highest quality education in tourism with leadership quality: and producing human resource to the industry with requisite skills to join the industry as proficient tourism professionals.
To communicate the comprehension and skills required for higher learning and career placements among tourism students.
To disseminate learners with vital applications of the tourism industry and equip them to become a self-reliant independent entrepreneurs.

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Faculty Members

Dr. Jahangir Ahmad Malik

Assistant Professor, TTM

MTTM, M. Phil, PhD (Tourism)

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