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World Environment Day-2023

Organized by

GDC Drass

Date :

4 Jun 2023

GDC Drass Celebrated World Environment Day
Kargil, 5 June 2023:
Govt. Degree College Drass in collaboration with Pollution Control Committee Kargil, Kargil Forest Division Celebrates World Environment Day 2023
Govt. Degree College Drass in collaboration with the Kargil Forest Division celebrated World Environment Day in Drass Sub-Division, today on 05th of June 2023.
The chief aim of this event was to sensitize the general public and students about the importance of keeping the environment neat and clean for healthy lifestyle.

The theme of this event was “Lifestyle for Environment” which stresses everyone to adopt an environment friendly lifestyle.
The program started with a huge awareness rally from GDC Drass by the students and teachers of Govt. Higher Secondary Schools Drass, and college’s students and faculty as well. The event culminated at the new campus of the college. Various types of slogans related to the environment conservation were raised and many kinds of banners and pamphlets were distributed among the public and students during the rally.
Later on, students and faculty members were divided into groups and each group was distributed with saplings by the department of Kargil Forest Division. All the participants planted more than 300 saplings at the college’s new campus site with great enthusiasm and fervor.
While talking to the participants about the significance of celebrating this important day, DFO Kargil Forest Division, Principal GDC Drass, Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School Drass, spoke at length about the conservation of environment and benefits of planting more trees to save the mother Earth.
They also requested the students to take proper care of the young saplings.
Further, they expressed their sincere gratitude to all the participants for kind support in conducting this significant event successfully.
All of them urged the participants to spread awareness among their families and friends to save our environment from getting polluted and destroyed.
A pledge to save the environment was taken by all at the tourist Dak Banglaw.
The event ended at Tourist Dak Banglaw Drass where ceremonial plantation by Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh Brig (Dr) B D Mishra (Retd) was done in the presence of all officials of the Drass Sub-Division.

Hon’ble LG lauded the organizers of the event for conducting such programs and urged students and public to keep our environment neat and clean for everyone’s benefit.

Appreciation Letter

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