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27 Feb 2023

GDC Drass celebrates National Science Day

Kargil, Feb 28, 2023: Government Degree College Drass today celebrated National Science Day which was attended by all the faculty members and students.

In the beginning Mumtaz Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Physics welcomed the keynote speaker, faculty members and students who were present in the program.

Speaking on the theme of National Science Day-2023 “Global Science for Global wellbeing” Wahida Rehman Mir, lecturer Geology, elaborated about how global well-being is possible through science.

Since Ladakh is hosting G20 meet this year and its main goal is to achieve zero carbon emission state by 2050 and this day becomes important for us to celebrate.

She urged students to follow the guidelines issued by the Administration of Ladakh to achieve the goal of zero carbon emission through sustainable development.

Dr Imtiyaz Hussain, Assistant Professor, Botany delivered a lecture on Nanoparticles and its applications. He highlighted the method of the synthesis of green nanoparticles by using plant extract.

It was followed by a debate competition titled “Is tourism beneficial to environment: Should tourism be banned to protect the environment?” was held between two groups of students. Each group comprised five students speaking for and against the motion.

The groups were mentored by Dr Azram Tahoor and Dr Jahanghir Ahmad. Various points were discussed in the lively session by both groups and arguments and counterarguments were raised. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the session with thundering applauses on each valid point.

A lecture on Ecological Niche was delivered virtually by Dr Ajey Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, University of Lucknow, UP. He extensively spoke about the position of organism in environmental gradients. He highlighted the different types of ecological niches and its importance in the environment.

A documentary titled “Climate Change 2022: Impact, adaptation and vulnerability by Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” was also screened which emphasised about the impact on environment and how with changing patterns we adapt the environment in more sustainable way.

The winner of the debate competition was the group which spoke for the motion and cash prize was awarded to both groups. The program ended with vote of thanks delivered by Azram Tahoor.

The entire program was coordinated and program proceedings were also conducted by Manzoor Hussain, Assistant Professor, Chemistry.

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