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GDC Drass organizes talk on women and environment

Organized by

College cultural committee

Date :

11 Apr 2023

GDC Drass organizes talk on women and environment

Kargil April 12, 2023:

As part of a series of events related to G20/Y20, College Cultural Committee, Government Degree College Drass today organized a talk on women and environment.

Rashida Rehman, a senior teacher at Govt. Higher Secondary School Drass was invited as a keynote speaker of the occasion. She pointed out issues related to the women in environment and talked at length about the movements led by women to conserve and protect environment.

Citing examples like Chipko Movement in India and Green Belt Movement abroad, she emphasized on the vital role women have played in preserving environment.

Rashida appealed student to spread awareness among masses regarding importance of conserving environment and urged them to contribute towards the environmental protection

Earlier, the program started with an introduction about the event by Dr Azram Tahoor, Program Moderator, followed by a welcome address by incharge principal Haider Ali

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